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There's a family - your clients - behind every estate. So we handle every estate with the utmost care.

Achieve your business goals by providing a range of services that support your clients and help you to grow your business as one of our key partners.


Options for business growth

Choose how you work with us, whether by referring clients or handling all aspects of the process yourself.

Supporting your clients

We're proud to be one of the UK's leading estate administration specialists. We've got the systems and team in place to keep your clients' cases moving forward.

Fee Share

We will pay you a competitive percentage of our net fee when your clients appoint us to provide an estate administration service.

FreE & secure Document Storage

We will store your clients’ important documents - including Wills, LPAs and deeds - in our secure storage facility. So you can offer an additional service to your clients.


online case-tracking, 24/7

You will have access to Insight, our online case tracking tool that allows you to follow the progress of your clients' cases, submit leads and view fee share information.


Keep informed on the progress of your clients’ cases with contacts made at key milestones in the process, so you and your clients are never left in the dark.

referring work back to you

We will refer any beneficiaries back to you. It's our way of helping you expand your client base and grow your business.

Marketing supporT & literature

We will provide you with free marketing support, content and literature to help you promote our services to your clients.



You will be invited to exclusive business partner events and seminars to help you develop your professional knowledge and gain CPD hours.


You will have a dedicated regional sales manager as your personal point of contact. They can answer questions, provide advice and help you support your clients.


We’ve got the systems and the team in place to keep your clients’ cases moving forward.



Our fully inclusive, fixed price service makes administering the estate as straightforward as possible.


Free, impartial and practical advice on what to do when someone dies so that they understand their options and can make an informed decision with confidence.


A fixed price service so that they know exactly what they will pay up front and don’t have the uncertainty of hourly rates or additional fees to consider.



A market leading estate administration service that removes the stress, effort and legal liability of dealing with a potentially complicated legal process themselves.


Regular updates on how their case is being managed and the opportunity to track progress at any time thanks to Insight, our exclusive online case monitoring system.


Their own personal estate manager who they can contact directly by phone or email 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday – Thursday (8:00 am to 5:30 pm on Friday).


Supporting your clients. Growing your business.

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