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Join hundreds of will writing partners
growing their businesses

Partner with Kings Court Trust and access our unique quoting tool, Onsite, allowing you to meet a family face to face in their home in order to talk about estate administration and provide a guaranteed, fixed price quote quickly and clearly.


Our service delivers Onsite...

Meet with a family to provide a quote and contract with or without an internet connection.

  • Allows for the seamless integration of estate administration into business
  • Provides insight into estate
  • Acts as an engagement tool for current & potential clients.

Our service delivers Insight...

As a valued business partner of Kings Court Trust you would have access to our valuable online Portal including Insight

  • Submit documents for storage at our free, secure storage facility
  • Retrieve documents and check document details
  • Refer your clients to our estate administration service
  • Check the progress of referred cases
  • Check how much fee share you have earned from referrals
  • Download clauses appointing Kings Court Trust as executor
  • Access other resources and support
  • Insight is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


“As a Will Writing Professional with a large client bank, I was very pleased when I first started working with Kings Court Trust, over 10 years ago now. I have great confidence in nominating them as professional executors in many wills that I write. Their efficient service and professionalism is first rate and they've proven that when providing full estate administration for many of my deceased clients. I also benefit from their excellent technical and "in the field" support, I use their industry leading online system for storage, document control and estate administration quotations. Quotes are produced effortlessly and help grow my business when faced with a client death. In my client's eyes, Kings Court Trust are simply an extension of my own business."

Matt Walkden,  MW Legal Services


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With hundreds of Will writers currently using our platform there's never been a better opportunity to partner up with Kings Court Trust

Kings Court Trust are committed to working with Will writers through providing a market leading estate administration service that support you and your clients. Please contact us on:

0300 303 9000 or